Body. Mind. Spirit.

West Coast Dance/Movement Therapy professional training offers credit courses to become a Registered Dance-Movement Therapist or courses for ADTA CEUs or for non-credit.


Harness the intelligence of the body-mind as a therapeutic tool for well-being. Learn Dance/Movement Therapy techniques, methods and approaches for use with diverse clients and groups. Explore cutting-edge research in Movement, Somatic Psychology and Interpersonal Neuro-Biology.


We offer 2.5 to 6 day courses at six to eight week intervals, allowing time for integration, researching and writing papers, and schedule supportive phone calls with instructors. Courses may be taken individually or as a series. They may be taken for credit or non-credit.


Learn from dedicated Dance/Movement Therapists who hold Masters degrees, credentials and expertise in not only Dance/Movement Therapy but also in other creative arts therapies, play therapy, attachment and developmental psychology, trauma healing, and movement analysis.

The imagination, in its ability to make something out of nothing, can turn a blank page into a poem, a roadblock into a portal, a depressive state into a labyrinth.

- Dance-Movement Therapist and Play Therapist Dennis McCarthy

The body is the root system of the brain, if you let the root system atrophy, what does that do to the brain?

- Kalila Homann, Dance-Movement Therapist and LPC-S, teacher of Embodied Neurobiology courses.

Dance Therapy makes use of the communication going on between all people all the time.

- Marian Chace, pioneer dance therapist


Dipping Your Toes In: An Introduction to the Field of Dance/Movement Therapy

WCDMT’s introductory course is open to clinicians and non-clinicians interested in learning more about Dance/Movement Therapy. This course is for anyone wishing to begin their learning and professional development in movement therapy and is also the prerequisite for clinicians interested in applying to our Alternate Route DMT Training (ADTA approved). Through guided movement and embodiment […]